2023 12 04

I flew to Atlanta in late September to visit my friend Tara.

I only planned to stay for several days so there wasn't much time to take pictures but I was glad to be seeing my friend and getting to know a new city.  Tara and I have an unlikely friendship. She calls me her white Dad. We understand each other in a way that's hard for either of us to explain. One afternoon we drove to the Little Five Points neighborhood on the eastside of the city to go record shopping, which is the kind of thing a Dad would do. Afterwards we drove an half hour out of the city to the first apartment she lived in with her Mom as a little girl, which was in a complex nestled in the crack of two sloping hills not far from the freeway.  As we walked around the apartments, Tara talked about how hard it was for her mom to look after a precocious little girl with big dreams while working two jobs. I knew it must have been hard for Tara too but I also knew about the love that coursed through her family and the resolve it left her with.

The next day, I took the MARTA rail to Piedmont Park. The park is in the center of the city with stunning views of the Atlanta skyline. The park was filled with people enjoying the afternoon. I meandered through the park, taking pictures as I went, until I eventually ended up at the basketball courts where I met two teenagers. They radiated young love. Afterward they introduced me to their friend, Jai, who had striking crimson hair and was watching her twin brother play basketball. The day and the game were both winding down.