2022 12 10
Doing our best in Black & White

The desert reminds us of the toll the world takes on things.

You do your best. You go to work. You do your shopping but time, the desert wind and flying sand that comes with it has a way of burying things. So what's left? It's the kind of question that keeps people away from towns like Apple Valley. The town - at least the business center of it - is what you see in most small towns but in a few more miles and minutes with the sun searing down on you, you start to notice the sheer enormity of the desert. It flicks at the town’s edges and homes where backyards blend into stretching brown dirt and mesquite bushes. Window shades are drawn. Trees and bushes are planted to block out the sun. Homes are fenced in to keep coyotes and intruders out and dogs and children safe. Cars - crucial transport to the non-desert world - clog front yards. Everything, and everyone, adapts to the extreme circumstances of their surroundings.